We are well-prepared professionals with in-depth knowledge in our areas of specialization, experienced in managing professional relationships in both national and multinational contexts, in cross-border operations, and in working with practitioners and consultants from other jurisdictions.

We work and communicate fluently across cultural lines, benefiting from our long-term experience in promoting international understanding, mutual benefit and dialogue.

In addition to having technical and professional experience and competence, we understand the complexities and the structure of foreign legislation governing the legal relationships applicable to the matters in which our clients are engaged.

When necessary, we can make avalabile to our clients a global network of experts, with which we have a solid and tested track record of collaboration.

We can provide the client top teams of Experts to face business sector challenges, fully collaborating with the client and always available to provide assistance.

Antonello Corrado
Senior Founding Partner
Giorgio Cherubini
Founding Partner
Stefano Rossi
Senior Associate
Claudio Scaramella
Senior Associate
Giovanna Canale
Senior Associate
Francesco Licata
Junior Associate
Ilaria Danisi
Junior Associate
Exp Legal Staff
Administration Office and Secretary

Experts with a long range vision, ready to overcome barriers and take on new challenges in new professional environments. Up to date on developments in Italy and abroad.

EXP Contacts

  Via di Ripetta, 141
00186 - Roma

 +39 06 6876917

Via Fontana, 22
20122 - Milano

+39 02 30573573

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