The relations between Italy and Brazil, historically robust and collaborative, are currently flourishing, with economic cooperation emerging as the central pillar of this connection.

The economic arenas witnessing a significant intersection between the two countries are numerous and strategic: Italian enterprises indeed play a leading role in Brazil's landscape in essential sectors such as energy, telecommunications, steel, highways, and automotive.

Furthermore, the economic trajectory is remarkably positive. 2021 marked a significant resurgence of interest in Brazil from international investors, representing a turnaround from the global investment downturn recorded in 2020. The numbers are telling: by the end of 2021, foreign investments in Brazil reached $46.4 billion USD, marking a 22.9% increase from the previous year. This growth didn't halt there, with February 2022 investments hitting the $11.8 billion USD mark, signifying the highest peak since January 2017 and a 34.1% rise compared to February 2021.

In this propitious and mutually beneficial context, EXP Legal stands out as the indispensable partner for businesses aiming for a steadfast expansion into the Brazilian market.

The authoritative presence of EXP Legal through its Brazil Desk not only ensures meticulous legal and fiscal support but also grants privileged access to the broad professional and institutional network the firm has adeptly crafted in Brazil. This network, vital for businesses in the phase of internationalization, includes connections with governmental bodies, local professionals, and key industry organizations.

The services provided by EXP Legal span legal consultancy for market entry, management of fiscal and tax matters, assistance in establishing legal entities, contract negotiations, intellectual property protection, human resource management in line with local regulations, and dispute resolution.

Opting for EXP Legal means harnessing unparalleled expertise and a comprehensive, high-caliber network for soft landing into the Brazilian market.

  • Business planning / Strategic planning
  • Export compliance
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Establishment of representative offices, branches, and secondary offices
  • Succession law and asset protection
  • Tax law and tax compliance
  • Facilitated finance for export operations and internationalization
  • Real estate investments
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • M&A: Legal and tax advice for mergers and acquisitions
  • Negotiation-drafting contracts and agreements
  • Networking and management of relationships with institutions and local authorities
  • Visas for Brazil

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