In all sectors, "traditional" companies are facing or are about to face a digital transformation path, which - like most of the experts know - is not simply confined to the existing “digitizing” processes and/or to put the old business model online.

Digital-induced changes in societies, acquisition behaviors, and competitive models are in fact more pervasive and require companies to rethink and substantially renovate their business models.

In this brand new world, legal advice and Startup are an inevitable combination for the growth of a young, innovative enterprise that, in addition to having to deal with an ad hoc regulation set up by the national legislator, is facing issues different from what most “traditional” companies are used to, sometimes completely unprecedented.

EXP Legal has accepted the challenge of innovation and is dealing with such change with professionalism and foresight and, along experienced startuppers, navigates in the “Startup” ecosystem, guiding ambitious innovative businesses and accompanying them through the constitution phase, business growth, fostering relationships with investors and finally establishing their position in the market.

  • Startup Constitution
  • Providing support to acceleration programs
  • Establishing relationships with accelerators, incubators, investors, good angels
  • Drafting incentive plans and Work for Equit
  • Tax planning
  • Drafting shareholders' agreements
  • Commercial and corporate agreements
  • Employment and personnel
  • Privacy and personal data protection

Experts with a long range vision, ready to overcome barriers and take on new challenges in new professional environments. Up to date on developments in Italy and abroad.

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