One of the professional activities that EXP Legal offers to its Italian and foreign clients, with the implementation of the Business Crisis and Insolvency Code and with the introduction of the negotiated crisis arrangement, is consultancy and assistance to companies that are in difficulty or that are experiencing temporary default. EXP Legal has the competence and the background to assist businesses that are in financial and economic hardship. EXP Legal supports entities that govern institutionally the management of companies in crisis and for businesses that are experiencing dissolution or the transfer of their assets and activities.

A sensitive stage for a company and of great importance to its owners, its stakeholders and its creditors is exiting the default stage or facing the challenges that come with the management of corporate dissolution. In such cases only an economic and judicial vision matched with competence and ethics can help to overcome the problems related to the business community. The solutions offered by the new insolvency laws allow, furthermore, to propose creditors innovative solutions that enable to solve corporate needs and problems.

  • Receiver for the management of compulsory administrative liquidations and dissolution of cooperative entities appointed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development
  • Receiver for the management of company dissolution appointed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development
  • Bankruptcy Receiver
  • Drafting and negotiations of rescue plans
  • Drafting and negotiations of restructuring agreements including preventive agreements and reorganizations
  • Consultancy and assistance for companies that are in insolvency or in crisis
  • Qualified expert for the solution of company crisis through the negotiated crisis arrangement
  • Consultancy and assistance for winding up of companies

  • Ministry of Economic Development
  • Bankruptcy courts
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Companies in financial difficulty
  • Stakeholders and creditors of companies in financial difficulty or in crisis

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