Traditionally, the International outlook constitutes an opportunity to grow and to multiply the value of National entrepreneurship.

Italian enterprises have prestigiously entered in the foreign market, that in turn represents a yearned for destination and a challenge to enhance made in Italy products and their quality. The success stories are innumerable but unfortunately many are the failures.

EXP Legal has a consolidated experience in the delicate activity of introducing Italian companies to foreign markets, providing services ranging from legal-fiscal consultancy, to complete branch and office outsourcing, to full operations management, to transfer support in the marked target of productive activities.

The network of international firms, the familiarity with intercultural issues, the techniques and the access strategies in foreign markets and the ability to advise suitable solutions are the key points of EXP Legal, acquired through its numerous success stories.

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  • Company check-up and export check-up
  • Feasibility studies and economic-financial planning (business plan for export and internationalization)
  • Market and business partners researches in foreign markets
  • Organization of B2B and B2C business meetings
  • Organization and management of commercial and distribution networks
  • Temporary export management
  • Research, analysis and consultancy for participation in public tenders and international tenders
  • Legal and fiscal assistance on expanding entrepreneurial activities in foreign countries
  • Drafting of enlargement models of commercial and productive structure in foreign markets
  • Establishment of companies, mixed companies, joint ventures in foreign countries and with foreign associates
  • Draft and agreement negotiations with foreign industrial and financial partners
  • Counseling on legal and fiscal regulations of the foreign country
  • International agreements
  • Counseling businesses in Free Trade Zones
  • Advice on financial planning and insurance activities
  • Specialist support for customs, logistics and transport assistance
  • Assistance and counseling on investment agreements, loans, export credits, trade finance, insurances, deposits, with SIMEST and SACE
  • Assistance and consultancy for access to facilitated financial instruments for export and internationalization
  • Assistance and counseling business relations with foreign entities for encouraging foreign investments

  • Art, culture and entertainment
  • Chemistry & Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • ICT
  • Interior design (home-furnishing)
  • Fashion & clothing
  • Nautical enterprises
  • Tourist and industrial ports
  • Healthcare & Life science
  • Sport and Entertainment

Experts with a long range vision, ready to overcome barriers and take on new challenges in new professional environments. Up to date on developments in Italy and abroad.


EXP Contacts

  Via di Ripetta, 141
00186 - Roma

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Via Fontana, 22
20122 - Milano

 +39 02 30573573

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  1000 5th Street, Suite 200
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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