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Esports Report in Italy 2019

Authors: Antonello Corrado, Eugenio Del Monte

On May 14, the second Esports report in Italy1 was published in Milan. The report was presented by AESVI (Italian Association of Videogames Editors Developers) in collaboration with Nielsen, the leading provider of analysis and insight in the sports and entertainment sector. In order to formulate this report, data was collected by interviewing more than 2,000 Esports fan aged from 16 to 40 years, and analyzed various platforms such as blogs, forum and social media.

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Monday, 25 February 2019 15:35

The components of corporate governance

The expression "corporate governance" has a broader significance than the mere administration and management of the company and covers the complex system formed by the legislation and codes, by the statutes and bylaws, by the shareholders’ agreements, by the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and administrative bodies and the large amount of corporate documentation, which all together have the function of protecting and regulating the interests of members and “stakeholders”.

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Authors: Antonello Corrado, Emanuele Cretaro

1) The figures of the international market:

In a dark arena Fifteen thousand people crowded, lit only by the rapid flicker of huge screens and the glare of the glass-walled game rooms on the stage.

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Through the signing of a specific cooperation agreement, the strategic partnership between A.I.eSp. (Italian Association eSports) and EXP Legal, Italian and international law firm (with offices in Rome and Milan), aimed at developing common projects and initiatives in the legal area, with the focus being exclusively on the emerging eSports market. The declared objective of the partnership is to contribute to the birth of the right "ecosystem" to jointly manage the now unstoppable development of the phenomenon of electronic sports.

The Italian eSports Association was founded to develop a video-play culture in Italy, through competitive and amateur sports activities, including the Paralympic sectors.

In this path, new to Italy, to be regulated and controlled in a short time, the development of the sports component of video games will be reached, step by step, with the fundamental ethical objective of combating the drifts that create negative phenomena, such as the themes of piracy, match fixing and addictive behaviors, with particular attention to young people.

A.I.eSp. will promote in Italy the culture of eSports in compliance with the rules of the Olympic disciplines, placing itself against all the Associations, Institutions and Companies operating in the sector, as a potential connecting entity of the entire supply chain of Electronic Sports and as a reference point in the sector.

"The partnership signed with EXP Legal is strategic for the development and growth of our Association", explains Marcel Vulpis, president of A.I.eSp. "We have entered into synergy with a reality that connects 91 law firms, members of the International Lawyers Network, present in 67 different countries of the world. This will allow us to access, in a privileged way, a series of professional opportunities, especially in those markets, such as the United States, South Korea, England and France, where eSports, for a long time, are a real economic reality, beyond that socio-cultural, allowing the Italian market to recover the existing gap in a short time".

The lawyer, Mr. Antonello Corrado, underlines how "With the signing of the Partnership with A.I.eSp., EXP Legal finds an important opportunity for the strategic sharing of the aims, objectives, competences and mission of A.I.eSp., to pursue the common commitment to contribute to the sustainable evolution of a sport that must adopt best practices and regulations, with respect to which examination, knowledge and comparison with the most mature and advanced international experiences are fundamental. This activity has become our flagship considering the assistance that our law firm has been practicing - for a long time and effectively - for numerous clients, both Italian and foreign, on different foreign markets ".

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Antonello Corrado, Senior Partner of EXP Legal - Italian and International Firm, professor in the Executive Masters and Meliusform Courses of the Legal Area guides us through the tricks and complexities of the acquisition operations.

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Who's Who Legal is a leading legal guide and Exp Legal, in person of Giorgio Cherubini, has been indicated as leader for restructuring, as a result of an independent search.

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Monday, 11 December 2017 10:48

The #GDPR: not just administrative fines

In these months, and in these days, we talk a lot about EU Regulation and data protection; what leaves us perplexed is to gather, in different contexts, the attitude of the "legal" function managers of some important realities, who expressed their point of view on (or should I say "against") the data protection, as if we were in 1997, with invectives like "this data protection overturns our work" ... Who says that time travel is not possible?!

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As it happens for several phenomena, when exposed to too much information about a particular subject, the risk of losing the sensitivity to those that really count is high. Since 20121, many "sellers" boast about an upcoming application of the EU Data Protection Regulation2 ("Regulation") in Italy.

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Who's who legal is a leading legal guide and Exp Legal, in person of Giorgio Cherubini has been indicated as leader for restructuring, as a result of an indipendent search.

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Author: Giorgio Cherubini

After the favorable review by the 10th permanent Committee, the Chamber of Deputies has approved the draft law on the "Delegation to the Government for the reform on corporate crisis and insolvency", in order to have a comprehensive reform of corporate crises based on a new approach to bankruptcy. In particular, by introducing a preliminary phase of alert and simplifying the access to recovery plans and debt restructuring agreements.

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