Authors: Giorgio Cherubini, Giancarlo Cherubini The article published in INSOL Europe's Eurofenix magazine examines the legal and environmental aspects of the ILVA issue. It has interested public opinion and the…
In the current macroeconomic emergency situation, the Italian Law Decree no. 23 of April 8, 2020, the so-called "Restore Liquidity” Decree, containing massive financial interventions to help companies, established the…
From EXP Legal Contractual Law Team. The crisis resulting from the Covid-19 epidemic is having a strong impact on commercial and contractual relationships in general because it poses the question,…
Author: Stefano Rossi The last business mission organized by EXP Legal in Senegal, Dakar, ended a few days ago.
Authors: Stefano Rossi, Eugenio Del Monte The trade agreement between the EU and the Republic of Singapore approved by the European Parliament last November 8 entered into force on 21…
Authors: Giorgio Cherubini, Giovanna Canale Giorgio Cherubini and Giovanna Canale have published in the latest issue of INSOL WORLD, a magazine of INSOL INTERNATIONAL, an article concerning the changes on…
Author: Stefano Rossi Rome/Dakar, November 26, 2019 We inaugurate our new online section, on EXP News, dedicated to growth and development opportunities for Italian SMEs in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.…
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Author: Giorgio Cherubini Avv. Giorgio Cherubini has been invited by Niccolò Cusano University to show the book “Dal fallimento alla liquidazione giudiziale” (From bankruptcy to judicial liquidation).

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